Fan Mail Volume 1

(with GIFs)

January 15, 2023

By: Purple

This website has been up now for at least a couple of years, and over that time period, I have received numerous personal messages from people, fan-to-fan. Most of them consist of kind and encouraging words for me and this website, for which I want to give thanks to you a thousand times over, as they do make me happy! For the purposes of this article, though, I want to call attention to a large amount of messages that I have also received that are not intended for me- they seem to be rather, intended for Dave Gahan or Depeche Mode. For that, I first want to emphasize: Please do not get the notion that I am either Dave, himself, know Dave personally, or otherwise have direct access to him. I do not, have not, nor ever will make such a claim (see this page and also the disclaimer at the bottom of nearly every page on this site)! Nevertheless, I want to share with you some of the actual messages I have received of this nature because 1) They are endearing and/or entertaining and 2) Maybe there is a remote chance for such messages to be seen by Dave and/or DM, just by publishing them online (though I am not necessarily counting on that). However, by sharing these messages publicly, I have redacted all names, dates, locations, and other possibly identifying information for privacy reasons. Some are also edited for spelling, grammar, and/or clarity.

Somewhere I find something that's kind in you

How can I say anything bad about these messages? They are so wholesome, kind, and ask for nothing in return...I only wish that Dave could see these! I am sure that they would make his day, as they have made mine.

When I was in my 30s loved Depeche Mode as the years pass life takes hold, at 74 yrs have found you again am so happy ordered loads of music cd's and dvd's also your Imposter cd, sending love and blessings for the future [NAME REDACTED] xxxx

Good morning, I start by saying that I have a physical disability and I would like to share the importance that Depeche Mode have in my life. I am in love with a great man who loves your band and it is through your songs that I have won the love of this man. Every day I and my great love share a song of yours to feed our relationship. We are from ____ and I want to thank you for your existence. How I'd like to meet you or attend a concert of yours. Thank you from all my heart.

Let me please be an inspiration for you. I'm not the most graceful writer/speaker and I don't want to sound harsh. However, I have an idea how you feel about your recent emotions and struggles. My best friend friend, my pea in a pod, my reason to be passed away. It F***ed me up. It should. That was my person, my love, my trust. It still does Dave. Every day is difficult every day is shite..but it does get a bit better with time. Dave I know you're going through a difficult time..just wait...a lot and much longer. ____

I received this soon after Andy Fletcher had passed away. How kind of this person to think of Dave during that time.

Hi Dave Gahan, I am a fan of yours from ____. My name is ____ and I was scammed by some people who posed as you and asked me for money...I fell for it completely and I apologize to you as well...I hope you will answer me and I thank you from the beginning for your attention.

Oh dear, I am sorry to hear about what happened to this person. Unfortunately, this scenario seems to be pretty common; someone will create a social media account posing as Dave or some other famous person and scam people. Please be careful out there and do not let this happen to you! For more details, see the bottom of this page.

It's a feeling like nostalgia

Dave, we worked together in ____. I guarded your room. You ordered Dominoes Pizza. Korn and Orgy showed up. Then Billy Gibbons from ZZTop showed up. Nice time...[REMAINDER OF MESSAGE REDACTED]

Damn, this does sound like a great time! I believe this probably would've been around the 1990s from what this person describes. You are one lucky person to have had this experience!

You gave me everything I love in this world

I have received a lot of these types of messages, though I could only find 2 of them suitable to publish here, and I still had to omit a lot of identifying information for privacy reasons, again. For some reason, these types of messages come with deeply personal stories about how Dave and/or DM has impacted them and the wish to offer a gift of sorts as payback. I appreciate everyone who has shared these stories with me, but please know that I do not have any way of relating them to Dave or anyone in Depeche Mode.

I am a fan of yours. I made an artist book dedicated to Depeche Mode. I would like to send copies as gift to which address? Thank you. A warm greeting. [NAME REDACTED]

My name is ____ and I'm a ex serviceman...A few years ago I attended a local college and signed up to a two year Art and Design course and because of this it started my creative side once again. A few years ago I started to learn how to make [PRODUCT NAME REDACTED]. My wife suggested that I should offer them to celebrities and musicians like you who have also helped me as your music takes me back to a place we're I had no PTSD and back to a time were we were carefree and happy and when I play your music it takes me back there so I am able to forget the demons I walk with every day for a little while at least. I would like to offer you one of my [PRODUCT NAME REDACTED] free of charge as a thank you for the music and the memories you have given me...If you could let me know if it a yes or no to my offer I would be great full. I will look forward to hearing from you regarding my offer. Regards [NAME REDACTED]

Can you do something for me

Above all others, I have been getting this type of message the most. Of course, this goes to show how popular Dave is!

My friend has been a big fan for a long time. She has attended many concerts. She is celebrating her birthday on ____ and I would like to give her an exceptional gift because I love her infinitely and it will also be our first birthday. I would have liked to give her a video of you wishing her a happy birthday. Her name is ____. She was a colleague when I met her, we liked each other a lot, she resigned, we lost sight of each other but I often thought of her. I found her when I got divorced, and we haven't left each other for almost a year now. You must certainly be asked often for all kinds of requests, I hope that mine will hold your attention, you will make the love of my life the happiest for this exceptional day. Cordially [NAME REDACTED]

I am a radio presenter on ____'s newest radio station '____' and present an 80's show each [DATE REDACTED]. I am looking at interviewing local 'legends' as well as celebrities in the 80s (I have a potential phone interview with Cheryl Baker from The Fizz coming up). I realise it may be a long shot but is there any possible way Dave would allow for us to do a 30 mins phone interview when he is convenient please? This would be pre-recorded and then aired on my show soon after. I would be very grateful.

This might sound like I am out of my head but even the craziest idea has a chance to become a reality. So here it goes: My best friend has been a devoted fan for as long as I can remember. She is turning 50 on the last day of ____ and I know how that her biggest dream was always meeting you in person. And so I thought, it is always worth asking. Is there any possibility that you would attend a private party in a club in ____ (in ____ - [DATE REDACTED])? And under what conditions? That would be make her dreams come true. Please let me know-how. Kind regards, [NAME REDACTED]

On behalf of ____ and myself ([NAME REDACTED]) we are the ____ Podcast (based in ____). We are looking for special call-in guests this winter season...Would David Gahan have any interest participating as a special guest? Here is my sales pitch. With the ____ Podcast, you receive a grassroots unscripted radio program that's unique and different with every episode. You get interviews with rockstars from all genres of the rock n roll world. With our episodes, you get to know the rockstar as a person and a musician. Also, we get their take on the politics of the business, tours, albums etc. We would love to have David as our guest this winter season. Any interest?

____ will be holding its world convention here in ____ over the [DATE REDACTED] weekend. I am part of the committee setting and planning the convention. My humble request is to ask you if you would consider being the convention's keynote speaker? ...[REMAINDER OF MESSAGE REDACTED]

Greetings from ____. I think the world could use a global anthem. Could you or would you consider re releasing "People Are People"? It should be sung on a daily basis in all the languages spoken around the world. I think it would make a difference. Just the chatter alone would generate a conversation and everyone would read the lyrics. The younger generations need to hear it and it would drive the haters mad. Let me know your thoughts on this one, when you have a moment. Thank you, [NAME REDACTED]

"People Are People" was the first song that got me into Depeche Mode so I personally really like this idea. I don't know what Dave thinks of this song these days, but in a radio interview 20 years ago, he did say that it was one of his least favorites, using the adjective "lumpy" of all things, to describe it.1

Dear Dave, Hope you are well, We are big admirer of your music. I am contacting you today as I am working with ____ Studio, here in ____ and we are collaborating with [CHARITY NAME REDACTED] to raise funds and support Ukraine in these tough times. We are organising a Fundraising Auction/Exhibition to support Ukraine - your support would be much appreciated! We would love to collaborate with you on this project taking a portrait of you. Once the project is over, photographs will be sold during a fundraising auction and profits will be reversed to the [CHARITY NAME REDACTED]. Your help and support would mean a lot for Ukraine and the charity we are supporting. We also want to use this project to raise awareness for human rights freedom and spread love and tolerance. I am attaching a supporting letter from the charity for your attention and a few images from ____. We would be happy and honoured to receive your help and we are open to any ideas you may have. I look forward to hearing from you! With warm regards, [NAME REDACTED]

Well, how can I get in touch with Dave Gahan then?

I do not know the answer to that, unfortunately. Part of me believes that if Dave really wanted to be contacted by his fans, then he would have a publicly-accessible means of doing so and everyone would know about it. Once upon a time, there was a way through which you could contact the members of Depeche Mode through BONG magazine and their official website. But those means have disappeared a long time ago with no current replacement. Dave is also not active on social media and any accounts purporting to be him are fake. The only official accounts tied to him and Depeche Mode are the @theimposter and @depechemode handles (Twitter and Instagram); these also have the blue checkmark, as well, indicating that they are authentic. However, I personally could not assure you that contacting these accounts directly will guarantee the desired results.

As a final note, again, you are free to send me messages via this contact form as I love hearing your personal stories about Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan, but just remember that I am not Dave nor am I affiliated with him or anyone in Depeche Mode! If I continue to receive messages under the false notion that I am somehow in contact with Dave, then don't worry- I won't get mad or upset. I will simply feature it in a future volume of "Fan Mail" for everyone's amusement! And finally, I would urge you to please not send me highly-personal information like addresses or phone numbers! Just be safe out there, from a fellow fan to another.


  1. Radio interview with WHFS 99.1 FM, Lanham, MD, USA, DM Live (March 6, 2002)