"Girls Gahan Wild" T-shirt

This unofficial T-shirt is the creation of Slickmode, Hugo, and JAM007, known for their high-quality video and audio recordings of band concerts, including those of Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode. They were also known throughout the years to create and give away T-shirts like the above with the "Girls Gahan Wild" slogan, though it appears that they have not been active since around 2015. This T-shirt is from the Paper Monsters era and lists a handful of US tour dates on the back as well as the URL to their website (now defunct).

Hourglass T-shirt

This dark gray T-shirt simply has the Anton Corbijn-created Hourglass album logo and the words, "Dave Gahan Hourglass", at the bottom. There is nothing on the back. The tag says "MADE IN TURKEY".

Paper Monsters Tour Baseball Tee

This Paper Monsters tour baseball tee is from the Las Vegas, Nevada show at The Joint on August 23, 2003. The shirt is mostly light blue with dark blue sleeves and features the words "dave gahan" in dark blue on the left chest area in the same font used on the album cover.

Paper Monsters Tour T-shirt

This T-shirt features the Paper Monsters album cover image on the front and the words "Paper Monsters Tour 2003" on the back followed by the names of all countries where the tour took place.