Posters and Displays

"Dave Gahanukkah" Ornament

Submitted by Carl

This rubber tree ornament is created by Matthew Lineham, owner of M. Lineham Art. I usually don't feature unofficial memorabilia on this site, but Matthew's art is one exception that I will make because it is so extraordinary. He is an artist based in Woodstock, New York, USA, and he specializes in art celebrating 1980s music icons. On his website, you can purchase this ornament as well as many other works of his including art prints, enamel pins, and T-shirts.

H&M Flagship Store Display

This massive poster featuring Dave modeling for H&M, a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company, measures 60" X 36" and was displayed within an H&M flagship store in the UK in 2004. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly which store it was. A smaller, 27" X 20" version of this poster was also produced that has the H&M logo on it. This version does not have the logo. Dave has done a few modeling stints for fashion/clothing companies over the years including H&M, J. Lindeberg, and Dior. Also, I apologize for the quality of this photo; I already have it mounted where I want it, and it is behind a thick, transparent sheet of vinyl to protect it from dust and the like. In addition, it is in direct view of an east-facing window which I tried my best to black out completely but didn't succeed.

Imposter CD and Signed Art Card

Submitted by Carl

Physical media releases aren't something I'll usually feature in this section since there are so many variations (I'll usually feature them in the "Music" or "Shows" sections on their specific page), but this particular one is special because it also includes a 5"x5" art card signed by Dave Gahan, himself! The CD and signed art card bundle was sold on the Newbury Comics website for $19.99 in the days leading up to the release of Imposter and sold out very quickly. It is not known how many of these signed art cards exist.

Mini Standee

This mini standee was used as a store display to promote Paper Monsters, Dave's debut solo album. It measures approximately 9 inches tall and 6½ inches wide at the base. The two folded flaps help it stand up. In the home, it serves as a great desk accessory (microphone and stand not included)!