Welcome to Dave Gahan Devotion! This is a fan website devoted to singer/songwriter Dave Gahan.

Dave Gahan is the lead singer of Depeche Mode and Soulsavers. He is also a successful solo artist. He has collaborated with many other artists including Humanist, Goldfrapp, and Null + Void to name a few. With a musical career spanning over 40 years, this site aims to cover all aspects of that long and illustrious journey. While he is a key member of Depeche Mode, a band that deserves its own full fan treatment of epic proportions, this site focuses mainly on Dave.



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Andy Fletcher has passed away

May 26, 2022

Andy "Fletch" Fletcher passed away today at the age of 60.  He was in Depeche Mode with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore for more than 40 years and played the keyboards and bass.  Depeche Mode's Twitter account issued the following statement:

Rest in peace, Fletch.  Thank you for all of the happiness you have brought to many people all over the world.

Happy Birthday, Dave Gahan!

May 09, 2022

Today, Dave Gahan celebrates 60 years on this earth!  We at DGD wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Paper Monsters era T-shirts

May 02, 2022

There are a couple of new additions to the Memorabilia section!  One is a generic T-shirt from the Paper Monsters Tour and the other is a "Girls Gahan Wild" T-shirt that used to be given out by Slickmode (also from the Paper Monsters era).

Back to normal

April 02, 2022

Never fear- the site is now back to normal!  While it was fun to celebrate Alan Wilder for a day, this site's main focus is and always shall be Dave Gahan!  I hope that was at least entertaining for everyone.

New site focus

April 01, 2022

Things look quite different on this site if you've noticed.  So, I am on a trial period where I am going to start shifting the focus of this site to Alan Wilder, former keyboardist for Depeche Mode.  Why am I doing this, you ask?  Well, here I hope to give you the full story.  Anyway, this is something that has been on my mind for a long time, but I haven't really had the time to spend developing it, thus I decided to just start with baby steps.  Therefore, I am keeping the same domain name for now until I get a better feel for how this will work out and...who knows?  I might like it so much that I may change this website to www.alanwilderdevotion.com!  Stay tuned for more in the coming days...

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