Welcome to Dave Gahan Devotion! This is a fan website devoted to singer/songwriter Dave Gahan.

Dave Gahan is the lead singer of Depeche Mode and Soulsavers. He is also a successful solo artist. He has collaborated with many other artists including Humanist, Goldfrapp, and Null + Void to name a few. With a musical career spanning over 40 years, this site aims to cover all aspects of that long and illustrious journey. While he is a key member of Depeche Mode, a band that deserves its own full fan treatment of epic proportions, this site focuses mainly on Dave.



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Memento Mori song review

March 26, 2023

My duty of reviewing all Dave-penned songs on Memento Mori is complete!  Near the bottom of this page, you will find links to my analyses of the following songs- "Wagging Tongue", "Before We Drown", and "Speak to Me".

Memento Mori released

March 24, 2023

It is the moment that Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode fans have been waiting for for more than 5 years- DM's 15th studio album, Memento Mori, has been released today worldwide!  Of course, I will add reviews of all of the songs which were penned by Dave onto this website in the coming days.  DM have also embarked on their world tour starting in North America.  For more details, please visit https://www.depechemode.com.

"Chains" Review

January 28, 2023

Now that Dave and Kurt's cover of "Chains" is out, you can read my thoughts on it here!

New article on fan mail

January 15, 2023

This website has received a lot of "fan mail" over the course of the past couple of years, and today, I want to share with you a particularly unique type of message that I have received over and over again during that time period.  These are messages that seem to be addressed directly to Dave or Depeche Mode...So, just to clear the air, please remember that this website is not in any way connected with Dave and/or DM, and that I have no way of contacting them!  If you are curious to read what I have received, then check out this article.  Note that for privacy reasons, certain details like names, dates, and locations have all been redacted.

"Chains" Preview

January 13, 2023

Dave Gahan and Kurt Uenala are releasing a cover of the song, "Chains" (originally by The Raveonettes) on January 24 for the aforementioned band's new covers EP, Rip It Off.  Read my preview of the song here!

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