Welcome to Dave Gahan Devotion! This is a fan website devoted to singer/songwriter Dave Gahan.

Dave Gahan is the lead singer of Depeche Mode and Soulsavers. He is also a successful solo artist. He has collaborated with many other artists including Humanist, Goldfrapp, and Null + Void to name a few. With a musical career spanning over 40 years, this site aims to cover all aspects of that long and illustrious journey. While he is a key member of Depeche Mode, a band that deserves its own full fan treatment of epic proportions, this site focuses mainly on Dave.



Site News

New phone wallpaper

December 04, 2021

To celebrate Dave Gahan & Soulsavers' partnership with Hublot, there is a new wallpaper that you can use for your phone!  See it here.

Imposter Tour dates added

December 03, 2021

By popular request, I have added a new page under the "Shows" menu to list all of the dates that have been announced for the Imposter Tour so far.  I expect this page to be frequently updated, so check back often!

Imposter review complete

November 25, 2021

I have finally completed my full review of Imposter, including reviews for each song and a final album verdict.  You can check it all out here.

By the way, if anyone is attending a show on the Imposter tour and would like to write a review to feature on this website, please get in touch with me!

Imposter print media posted

November 14, 2021

The booklets from both the CD and vinyl releases of Imposter have been photographed and posted on the Imposter page for your viewing pleasure!  The content is actually identical between the 2 of them, but I still wanted to capture both.  I have also completed my reviews of "Strange Religion" and "Lilac Wine," which are also available on that page, with more to come soon!

Imposter released!

November 12, 2021

Dave Gahan and Soulsavers' newest album, Imposter, is out today!  In the coming days, I will be adding more content to the Imposter album page including full song reviews, so keep on the lookout!

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