Angels & Ghosts

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Release Date:
October 23, 2015
CD, Vinyl
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See this page for an introduction to Soulsavers and an overview of Dave's collaborations with them.

Angels & Ghosts is the result of the second major collaboration between Dave and Soulsavers, following their first album together, The Light the Dead See, in 2012. It was recorded after Dave finished touring the Delta Machine album with Depeche Mode. Musically, it sounds very much like the previous album, incorporating elements of electronica, blues, gospel, and rock. The sounds are somewhat bigger and more cinematic, though, demonstrating the expanding chemistry between Dave and Rich Machin, as well as Dave showing more comfort in this style that was previously brand-new for him to sing.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Dave embarked on a mini-tour in the US and Europe with Soulsavers and played songs from both of the albums that they recorded together.

Soulsavers Dave Gahan quote

"I think with this album, lyrically and melodically, I'm looking outside of myself more and then using what I feel and see outside of me to bounce off. How does that make me feel? What words does that conjure up in my mind? What imagery, for me, does this music take me to?" -Dave Gahan1

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Album Tracks


You Owe Me


All of This and Nothing

One Thing

Don't Cry


The Last Time

My Sun

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  1. "INTERVIEW: Dave Gahan", The Quietus (October 22, 2015)