Why Dave Gahan is the Hottest Man on Earth

(with GIFs)

April 1, 2021

By: Purple

When we say that a person is "hot," we usually mean they are extremely attractive. So, what makes Dave attractive to everyone who lays their eyes and ears on him? This article presents five characteristics that are believed to make Dave the hottest man on earth. GIFs are included, as well! EDIT: This article was written to celebrate April Fool's Day and is not meant to be taken too seriously.

1. Dave's voice is sexy

Dave has a very deep and full baritone voice, both when he sings and when he speaks. It naturally seems to project and commands your attention upon hearing it. His accent is also very unique; being born and raised in England and having moved to the US and living there for over two decades has given his speech a unique blend of an Essex and New York accent. When he sings, it's like pure velvet to the ears. His singing voice has a dark tone to it that lends itself well to Depeche Mode songs, but it is also very dynamic and versatile such that he also does tender ballads and hard bluesy numbers very well. He can do both loud and soft, rough and delicate, which is one of the many reasons why his voice is considered sexy by many.

2. Dave loves to dance and it shows

Dave isn't afraid of just letting loose on stage and showing off his various moves, no matter how goofy some of them may be. This is the true spirit of a dancer- someone who just allows the music to take over and take control of their body and express themselves in ways unhindered by fears and reservations. Confident and willing to show off, he does everything from shaking his booty to swinging his microphone stand around and stripping. He is a born entertainer. "I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist and when I was really young the aunts would come round and I would entertain my mum by doing my best Mick Jagger or Gary Glitter impressions across the room, make everybody laugh. I wasn't really good at anything else, but I saw that that really got a reaction."1

3. Dave absolutely rocks suits

...and formal wear, in general. ZZ Top had it right..."every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man." Well, I would say everybody is crazy about a sharp-dressed Gahan! He can rock those suits like nobody's business. His secret? Well, here's a clue from something he once said about men and suits: "Most men look dreadful in a suit. You can't buy off the peg — you've got to have it at least partially designed for your body. I'm very comfortable in one. It feels like I'm showing up for work."2 So, he probably gets his suits custom-made and/or tailored...simply because he can afford to do so! His other secret may be that he just has good fashion sense, as he always had a penchant for it. He studied art and fashion in college, even designing clothing for his friends at the time. His first wife, Joanne Fox, noted, "He was a cool fashion icon, willing to push the boundaries of fashion...He took care over his appearance and it didn't bother him if blokes thought he was slightly effeminate..."3 Dave has also done a few modeling gigs over the years, modeling for popular fashion companies like H&M, J. Lindeberg, and Dior. There has to be a reason why these companies chose him, and most likely it is because of his keen eye for fashion!

4. Dave also looks great shirtless, as well

Why does Dave strip onstage? Have you ever wondered that? Does he simply get too hot and sweaty that he doesn't want to ruin his nice stage suits (see previous entry)? Does he do it simply for show? Whatever the reasons might be...no one is complaining, that's for sure. Dave keeps his body healthy and looking good through lots of exercise and discipline. He's not super-ripped, but it is obvious that he works out. "I go to the gym a lot...I'm not bulking up or anything like that. The stuff I'm doing is more about stamina and just getting myself in shape. It's all about being able to get up and sing, and I need all the help I can get."4 He said this back in 1998, but it's clear that he has been keeping up this regimen all this time as he looks quite fit. And one needs to be in order to perform as vigorously as Dave does night after night. Thus, the result is, as I've said in another article, a body that Adonis, the Greek god of beauty and desire, would be jealous of.

5. Dave is a big tease and knows just how to keep us all wanting more

Does Dave actually know how hot he is? Yeah, I would probably say so. Therefore, he also knows just how to tease his audience — give them just enough so that they always want more, but never go overboard. This is something that professional strippers know how to do well. Has Dave been taking pointers from them, perhaps? We'll never know, but when he flashes a bit of bare skin on his upper torso, grabs his package, or seductively caresses his microphone, one can't help but wonder just how far he is willing to go in order to give his captive audience what they want. And the thing is, he knows we'll lap it right up like the thirsty animals we are. We all know it.


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