What Type of Supernatural Creature is Dave?

October 31, 2021

By: Purple

It's that time of season to talk about supernatural creatures and the like! Have you ever wondered what type of supernatural creature Dave resembles the most? In this article, we will take a look at a few different kinds and examine what traits Dave actually shares with each. NOTE: This article was written to celebrate Halloween and is not meant to be taken too seriously.

1. Dave as a vampire

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This is the most obvious pick for several reasons. Ignoring the fact that he looked almost vampiric in the late 1990s with his pale and gaunt face, dark eyeliner, and bloodshot eyes, Dave provided plenty of fodder for vampire rumors back when he was heavily doing drugs. First, there was the story about him sleeping in a coffin, which Dave clarified was a "a huge double bed shaped like a coffin," not an actual coffin.1 Then, there is the story of him biting the neck of a journalist.1 Finally, to further add fuel to the fire, there is this set of photos from Flexipop! magazine in 1981:

2. Dave as a werewolf

Just imagine him transforming in the next few frames.

A lycanthrope, or a werewolf, is one fearsome beast. They are often depicted as possessing super-human strength and a craving for human and animal flesh. In human form, they are often seen nearly naked and disheveled, as their clothes obviously get destroyed in the transformation process. You know who else is often seen, um...in a similar state on stage? This guy:

Speaking of animalistic cravings and tendencies, Dave has admitted to such tendencies in something he once said in 2007 which I like to quote a lot: "There's that side of me that wants to be the loving, caring father, and there's the other side of me that's just a dirty animal. If I don't let that out, I go nuts."2 And let's talk about his animalistic tendencies on stage...When he growls, beats his chest, shrieks incoherently, grabs himself, and acts suggestively, it's not hard to associate him with a wild animal, is it? But in almost every other situation, such as during interviews, he's so calm, polite, and friendly. Thus, it's pretty accurate to say that Dave transforms into a beast when performing, even if only metaphorically.

3. Dave as a zombie

Dave as an undead creature, or moreover, Dave as immortal...not too far-fetched of an idea, is it, considering how much he has gone through and endured throughout his life? During the 1990s, he managed to survive multiple suicide attempts and drug overdoses, including the big one in 1996 that caused his heart to stop beating for 2 minutes. And then in 2009, a cancerous tumor was found in his bladder, which could've killed him. Fortunately, it was caught in time and was subsequently removed with little harm done. He has gone to hell and back...more than once, and today, he is still with us! If Dave is not immortal, then I don't know what he is, but it is clear that someone is obviously looking out for him and keeping him on this plane, for which we are all thankful for.

4. Dave as a wizard

Things may seem more far-fetched as we go further down the list, but let's consider one of the great traits of a wizard, or sorcerer, if you will- the ability to heal. Can we make the case that Dave- in particular, his music and his voice, have the ability to heal and soothe? I think we can! In fact, someone has recently related a story in which Dave's music helped them heal after the death of their parents. And there are plenty of other very personal stories like this one. What is even more impressive is that Dave didn't have to necessarily be physically present during these healings. If that's not borderline miraculous, then I don't know what is!

Another wizardly trait is the ability to get others to bend to their will, too...Doesn't Dave and his whole band basically have the ability to do that every time they get on stage in front of thousands of people? Dave and his band are able to get a whole audience to sing along to their songs, move in unison to the music, and, yes, let's mention the fact that they are also able to get people to spend inordinate amounts of money and time to see them whenever they tour and throw down lots of cash for merchandise and the like. Simply put, Dave and company are able to create magic almost everywhere they go, so to call them wizards is not at all out of line!


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Which supernatural creature do you think Dave is like the most? Also, to further expand upon the Halloween theme, have you or someone you know ever dressed up as Dave or other members of Depeche Mode? Please comment below!