"Tempted" is the third track on Angels & Ghosts.


Tempted, always vacant
I've been down before, I need replacement
Who knows, just where the end is
Who cares what you're defending
I can't see what you want from me
I can't be, no, what you want me to be
Descending, she's never faking
You can see her eyes, there's no mistaking
She knows where the end is
She says, "Just stop pretending"
I can't see what you want from me
I can't be, no, what you want me to be, no
Angel of mine
She said, "I'm not bothered, and you're the same
I'm done with love, and you're to blame"
Sit down, why don't you listen
Have an open heart, hold your position

My Take

This is a catchy, vintage-rock-sounding song with a great electric guitar melody. It always feels somewhat strange to hear Dave singing something other than pop music, but he just kills it here. I would venture to bet that he could kill it in just about any genre, really. As for the words, they explore a common Dave theme of being lost spiritually and trying to find one's way through life. He also seems to feel that he is held to certain standards and expectations that he can't meet or even comprehend, which just exacerbates that lost feeling. The question is, who is the "angel" of his that he has a dialogue with in the song? Could it be his wife? After all, he has referred to her as an "angel" and a "saint" who "hangs in there with [him] through thick and thin," the latter of which he mentioned in an interview around the time that this album was released.1 Of course, that is just a wild guess.

Music Video

There is no music video for this song, but here is a great live performance of it at MSR Studios in New York.


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