The Dark End of the Street

Yes, released on October 22, 2021

"The Dark End of the Street" is a song by James Carr originally released in 1967. It was covered by Dave Gahan and Soulsavers and released as a single and is also the first track on Imposter.


(from original recording)

At the dark end of the street
That's where we always meet
Hiding in shadows where we don't belong
Living in darkness to hide our wrong
You and me
At the dark end
Of the street
You and me
I know time is gonna take it's toll
We have to pay for the love that we stole
It's a sin and we know it's wrong
Oh, but our love keeps coming on strong
Steal away
To the dark end
Of the street
They're gonna to find us
They're gonna to find us
They're gonna to find us, Lord, someday
You and me
At the dark end
Of the street
You and me
And when the daylight hours roll around
And by chance we're both downtown
If we should meet, just walk on by
Oh, darling, please don't cry
Tonight, we'll meet
At the dark end
Of the street

Dave's Take

"I didn't know it was one of Martin's favorite songs, too. That was totally coincidental. He told me that after I sent him a copy of Imposter...he said to me, 'Did you know that 'The Dark End of the Street' was one of my favorite songs?' And I said, 'No, I had no clue.' [This song] had that particular Muscle Shoals kind of feel. That's what we were trying to achieve with Songs of Faith and Devotion. We were trying to make a record that felt like performances and had blues and gospel influences to it. And so for me, [this song] had to be the opener for this particular record. Because it feels to me like it's the opener in a show, as well."1

My Take

Such a beautiful-sounding song, which is ironic given that the song is about cheating!, we must wonder what about this song appeals so much to Dave, then, huh? Well, I don't know the answer, but given that the album title is "Imposter," we seem to be centered around a theme, of sorts, with the songs on this album. Anyway, such sinister lyrics almost seem like something Martin Gore, not Dave, would write, don't they? Anyway, James Carr packs some powerful pipes, but you know what? So does Dave, and I am eager to hear him show off his range on this one!

And Dave does sure deliver in his version! He sings this with the utmost power and soul, just like James Carr does, and boy, does it sound beautiful. Dave and Soulsavers did not veer far from the original sound and feel of this one, as the whole arrangement sounds almost exactly like the original recording, even down to the female backup singers. But it's a nice and easy way to open up the album, isn't it?

Music Video

There is no music video for this song.


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