I Think Not


"I Think Not" is the fifth track on Manuscript.

Lyrics (spoken)

Am I lost?
I think not
Hiding underneath another rock
Digging away at the rotten dirt
Climbing my way out
The beast unearthed
Am I lost?
I think not

My Take

The sound of the synth chimes that ring throughout this track sound very peaceful and solemn; they remind me of temple bells. The speaker, likewise, seems to be in a state of calm and contentment despite what they are doing- that is, "digging away" at "rotten dirt." So, they seem to be spending a lot of their time underground- out of the light and out of sight of others. An odd presumption, then, to think that such a person is "lost" and to ask them such...one might presume that they are eccentric- maybe even lonely...but lost? As the speaker declares, I think not!

However, I also have a possible alternative interpretation to this, and that's to assume that the speaker is actually not content with themselves and thus, they keep trying to fix their situation only to dig themselves deeper into trouble each time they try. This could indeed make one wonder if they are truly at a loss and need outside help. And the seemingly innocent answer of "I think not" to the first question now takes on a more foolish tone coming from someone who is in pure denial. The speaker does seem to refer to himself as a "beast" later so there is a hint of self-deprecation here, making this second interpretation all the more viable.

Music Video

There is no music video for this song.