"Longing" is the second track on Manuscript.

Lyrics (spoken)

There's a longing
Longing to be close to you
A longing to be near
Here I'm so far from you
And full of fear
There is a longing
A longing to be with you
Lay down beside you
You are not here
You are not here
You are not here

My Take

When I first listened to this track, I was suddenly reminded of another very surreal, spoken-word track by another favorite artist of mine- Duran Duran- namely, "Medazzaland". I have always thought that Nick Rhodes and Dave Gahan had very similar speaking voices, both having that deep, baritone timbre and deliberate enunciation...yes, and they happen to both be British, as well, but they probably have as much in common culturally as a New Yorker does with a Texan, say. Anyway, I totally digress...I only wanted to draw a comparison between the 2 tracks because of the extremely strange and surreal atmosphere that both seem to paint with the music and vocals. "Medazzaland" very overtly describes the experience of preparing to undergo surgery, specifically the process of sedation and entering a dream-like state; this track gives me those exact same vibes, as well, even if the words describe no such thing. Therefore, I don't believe that the "longing" described in this track refers to the normal pining after someone or something when one is away from them/it for long periods of time. I think that there is a subtle reference to drugs being involved here, and it's either preventing the person from being with another, or perhaps it is the drug that is being longed for, itself!

Music Video

There is no music video for this song.