Gone Too Far


"Gone Too Far" is the sixth track on The Light the Dead See. This song was played for the first time to the public on October 23, 2007- 5 years before this album was released. It can be heard on some versions of the "Live from SoHo" performance- namely in the YouTube video below starting at the 30:40 mark:


I watched you rising
I watched you sleep
I knew you were just like me
Oh struggling to breathe
I heard you whimpering
In the back room
Gone too far
Too far too soon
I guess it's your time here
That time for you
When it all comes crashing down on you
Yes, I've been praying
Oh, so what else am I supposed to do?
I heard you whispering
In the back room
You've gone too far, too far too soon
You made that mistake now
They were coming for you
You've gone too far
Too far too soon
Now you feel nothing
Life can be cruel
That night I saw you
You passed by my room
I hope you make peace with the man in the moon

Dave's Take

Dave and Rich Machin talk about this song at the 6:02 mark.

My Take

As if to counter the wholesomeness and levity of the previous track, this one is quite gritty and dark in comparison. The switch from major to minor key is the first clue, but the words are also cutting, spoken from a position where Dave seems to be observing someone who is suffering, most likely from troubles that were self-inflicted. As such, he doesn't seem to express a whole lot of pity for them, nevertheless he does seem to at least sympathize ("I knew you were just like me"). Could it be someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction- something that Dave knows the follies of all too well? This is another one of those tracks where when emotions run high, the intensity of the singing and music is turned up to match, and Dave does some great bluesy wailing here, and then concludes with the quieter piss-take ("I hope you make peace with the man in the moon"). And thus ends the first half of the album.

Music Video

There is no music video for this song.