In the Morning


"In the Morning" is the second track on The Light the Dead See.


The leaves are falling, it's in your nature
I'm counting all the sticks left on the ground
Early this morning, when I tried to wake ya
You wasn't making any kind of sound
Why can't you hear me?
Why can't you feel me?
Was there a message that I'm not getting
Do you think that I am lost or am I found?
Just after midnight when I woke up sweating
I was dreaming you were right here with me now
Why can't you hear me
Why don't you heal me
I am lost
I am lost here
I'm lost here now
So I am nothing if I'm not with you
In the morning, we'll forget this night somehow

Dave's Take

Dave and Rich Machin talk about this song at the 1:27 mark.

My Take

Two tracks in and now we get to hear Dave sing. Following my made-up visual theme starting from the previous track of riding down a river, the quiet and tentative sound of the violins that get louder as more orchestral instruments join in feels like I'm now slowly coming up to a bank, and the thick reeds that block the path now start parting to reveal Dave and his band with their opening song. I get lost in these words and I wonder what they mean...they seem to speak about someone who was wise and who at least provided a sense of direction and comfort to Dave, and who is now no longer around, making him feel "lost" and like he is "nothing." I love how the slow buildup of the instrumentation at the beginning and how it all culminates into that climax in the bridge, as if sympathizing with the desperation and urgency of the words. And at the end as Dave sings, "I am nothing..." the sounds of the instruments all fall away like a deflating balloon, as if expressing the same despondency that Dave is feeling as he gets no response to his pleas for answers.

Music Video

There is no music video for this song.