Point Sur Pt. 1


"Point Sur Pt. 1" is the seventh track on The Light the Dead See.


This song is an instrumental with no lyrics.

My Take

We began the first half of the album with an instrumental, so it's only fitting that we begin the second half with one, too, right? Sure, why not...actually this is another beautiful orchestral piece with a slow and steady piano note keeping time. Whereas "La Ribera" conveyed a sense of movement with its arpeggio note sequence, this song conveys a sense of stillness to me. I am kind of curious about the title again as I was with the previous instrumental, as it could possibly be referencing the Point Sur State Historic Park in California, where the Point Sur Lighthouse is. By the way, I once visited the lighthouse many years ago as one of many stops while driving along California State Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and that is one beautiful and highly-recommended drive to take! But I'm also wondering what "Pt. 1" means. Does it mean "Point 1" or "Part 1?" And if it's the latter, where is Part 2? I want to hear it! Anyway, this whole album is fun to listen to on vinyl because the two instrumentals essentially serve to introduce each physical side.

Music Video

There is no music video for this song.