Fan Mail Volume 2

(with GIFs)

July 15, 2023

By: Purple

Welcome to the 2nd volume of Fan Mail! If you don't understand what this article is all about or you missed the first volume, you can read it here! In a nutshell, this article is meant to showcase all of the messages that I have received that appear to be addressed to Dave Gahan and/or Depeche Mode rather than DGD. In order to protect the writers' privacy, though, names, dates, locations, and other possibly identifying information are all redacted. Some messages are also edited for spelling, grammar, and/or clarity. Finally, I must continue to emphasize: Please do not get the notion that I am either Dave, himself, know Dave personally, or otherwise have direct access to him. I do not, have not, nor ever will make such a claim (see this page and also the disclaimer at the bottom of nearly every page on this site)!

Your words and their kindness have set me free

Hi, I am ____ from ____. Thank you for reading and publishing a piece of my letter. I know you cannot communicate with Dave Gahan, but I would like Dave to know in some way about this bad experience of mine. I hope one day he will read the fan letters on this site. I think people keep dreaming of talking to Dave Gahan, and on this site it seems that he is there reading alone. Thank you for what you do for all Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode Fans. Greetings from ____.

Thank you for this message; this really makes my day knowing that you enjoy the content of this site! I agree with you that it is everyone's dream to be able to talk to Dave and share how they feel about him and his music. He really has had a huge impact on so many people all over the world.

Dave, la tua voce e la tua musica sono nel mio cuore e nella mia anima ❤️

Hi Dave, I have always liked DM and after I heard Songs of Faith & Devotion I realised I Loved DM. I am 70 and took my son ____ to see you perform in June 2017 in the [VENUE NAME REDACTED]. We are also coming again [DATE REDACTED] - cannot wait. In January my lifelong friend and music collaborator, ____, died suddenly from an Aortic Aneurysm. To lose a friend is one thing but to lose a musical soul mate is on another level. ____ has created a 'Hole in my Soul'. I will carry on writing music with him inside me. It is for this reason that I have some understand your terrible loss and offer my heartfelt Condolences. You never know maybe ____ and Andy are up there working on some new material together. Best wishes, [NAME REDACTED].

I am so sorry for your loss. I would like to think that your late friend is chilling with Fletch in heaven, too.

My brother and I saw you in concert a few times and I still listen to you all the time! My brother passed away ten years ago and every time I listen, brings back great memories! Best times! Thank you!

Dear Dave, Happy birthday to you, lots of joy and energy, wide smiles and loud laughter, many wonderful ideas than brighten our days. 😘 Good luck🍾🥂🎂 your fan ____ from ____ PS: I'm your fan from my 7 years, now I'm 45. 😉

This was originally sent on May 9, 2023 (obviously).

I love your music and I am 13 and I was on your concert in [PLACE_REDACTED] and I miss it so much.

Why can't you hear me? Why don't you heal me?

Good morning! I wondered if you did visits or meet ups with cancer patients at all? (My dad is based in ____). My father is battling stage 4 lung cancer and as you can imagine a year ago we had the diagnosis and it's taken a toll on his mental health. You are his biggest inspiration and I can't count the times my father has seen your band live in his younger days! I can fully respect the fact you are probably a very busy person and quite possibly there is no chance you can do this but I thought there was no harm in asking. Keep up the amazing music 😄 kind regards [NAME REDACTED]

My name is ____. I am in ____. When I and my mate were growing up in South Africa, we were the mode boys, youngsters, and your first hits came out. Initially, in SA it was not for everybody and that is why I wanted to be different, then you guys hit the ceiling, and all the doubters were converted, yea, we were on the bus from your first song. Absolutely loved the way you handled that foreign guy taking the piss, I think [NATIONALITY REDACTED], you have always been front and speak it as it is. Dave, I have some health conditions, I want to sit and chat, and have a laugh with you. I would really appreciate your consideration even if it is on a webcam, but you inspire me. I have conquered similar medical conditions and it would be fantastic to just have the honor to chat with you for even 10 minutes when you are chilling. Please consider this, I adore Martin as well, what a team you, him, and Andrew make. Legend, please I am not an over-the-top groupie, I want to meet the guy whose music I listened to since you started, moreso for your take on how life has been. My number is ____ Best Regards, [NAME REDACTED]

Hi, my name is ____, I'm [NATIONALITY REDACTED], but from 16 years I living in ____. My boyfriend, he is a fan of Depeche Mode, his 47th birthday are in March, I don't know is possible, but can I please for autograph from Dave to him, his name is ____. And my address: [ADDRESS REDACTED] I can back money for sending. Kind regards [NAME REDACTED]

As one human to another, PLEASE hear my plea. Another reason for my request below is that, due to my spinal condition, I do not know how I will stand at the concert or wait in line...First and foremost, please allow my husband and I to extend our deepest sympathy on your loss of Mr. Andrew Fletcher. I cannot begin to imagine your heartache. Thirty years ago I had the bittersweet privilege of attending the Depeche Mode October 1993 concert...Upon exiting the arena to a sun still hanging brightly in the sky we encountered a friend who was also in attendance. With her was a guy I had a crush on but didn't seem to know I existed. She was kind enough to provide my sister and me with a ride home...This would be my last memory and contact with the guy I had liked and curiously thought of for nearly three decades...In my need to reach out and relive those long-spent days of yore I searched for years and finally, after 29 years, found the guy I liked all those years ago...That guy is now my husband...I am now a myriad of health problems in my older I do not know how much time my husband and I will have together on this Earth.

It would mean the world to me if my husband and I could meet the Depeche Mode members, no matter how briefly...We are willing to sign any necessary non-disclosure agreement forms and the such and proudly honor them. We have tickets to attend the upcoming Depeche Mode concert at the [VENUE NAME REDACTED] in ____, on [DATE REDACTED]. Please consider granting this one, lifelong wish and we will forever be in your debt...(We understand you must receive hundreds, if not thousands, of requests to meet them personally backstage, but implore you to please consider our most sincere request to meet them and have a memory to treasure for the remainder of our lives.) Sincerely, [NAME REDACTED]

In the interests of space, I had to redact a ton of detail from this particular message before posting. It really is particularly wonderful, though, to hear stories about how people meet their lifelong partners through Depeche Mode.

Myself and my husband ____ are going to see Depeche Mode on [DATE AND LOCATION REDACTED]...My husband is their biggest fan and seen them lots..I would love Dave to give us a mention on stage to surprise my husband. Kind regards, [NAME REDACTED]

I am a massive Depeche Mode fan (and have previously contacted Dave Gahan, as I am a brain injury sufferer who uses his "Somebody" song in presenting to people in my presentations on brain injury — see [WEBSITE REDACTED]). I also tried desperately to get tickets for this tour this year, all to no avail! As a result I was enquiring if I could come along to watch them do their piano room slot? I'm happy to pay obviously but as a fan it would mean so much to be there. Please let me know if this is possible as you would be making a brain injured person very happy!! Kind regards [NAME REDACTED] Here is my story — long, sorry!! [REMAINDER OF MESSAGE REDACTED]

I must admit, I feel bad every time I receive these really long messages that have elaborate stories because I don't have any way of relaying them to Dave.

Hi, I purchased a signed picture of the boys thinking it was genuine, however some fella from Germany has since said its fake, can you please say or let us know if its real or fake....

I actually don't know if this was addressed to me or to the band, but my advice would be to get the autographs appraised by a professional appraiser. Unless you obtained the autographs firsthand from the band members, you will never be 100% assured that they are real but you can and should get a second opinion from a professional, at least.

Dear Dave Gahan, I came across your website, as I appreciate your music and would be happy for your assistance. You will ask yourself how comes that people from a Jewish Orthodox community are requesting Ezzes from you, but it's about health. I myself contact you to ask you only one question about the doctor who treated and did surgery on you in 2009, when you had a battle against bladder cancer. My friends who are a family of well known Rabbis in the Orthodox world of ____ need urgent help with this matter. Kindly get back or anybody, who is managing your office tasks on ____. Or on my email. We are located in ____ and would be happy for your doctors' team information. May you be blessed and living a happy life up to 120. Best regards, [NAME REDACTED]

Dear Dave, I've been your big fan since I was young. After the age of ____, I decided to make short films. I want "It's No Good" to play on opening and closing. The short film aims to give hope to [GROUP NAME REDACTED]. I would be very happy if you are interested. PS: I don't have a budget for the part 😄

Dear Dave, my wife is fan from all of you since she could spell "Depeche Mode". Today she turned into [AGE REDACTED] and we prepare ourself for a trip to [COUNTRY REDACTED] to see you in [CITY REDACTED]. It would be the greatest gift for her (after our 4 children) if you can write her, or send a video message and congrat her for her birthday. Please be so kind! Thank you in advance, [NAME REDACTED]

Hello David, Like you I grew up in Basildon and went to Woodlands Girls School. I have 3 brothers who went to Nicholas School and my brothers ____ and ____ knew Martin Gore. ____'s best friend is ____ whose also a friend of Martin's and I believe you also know him. He took Martin's wedding photos! Ring a bell? I was at your concert on Saturday but not with ____ who I think met up with Martin there. I am currently selling a plot in the centre of ____ where I currently live, consisting of [DETAILS REDACTED]. There is already a good income and it is very secure. (30 minutes from ____ to ____) I Just thought it could be a great base for you and your family when in [PLACE REDACTED]. I have developed the properties over 25 years and lived here myself for 12 years. I now want to move to ____ as I like the safe environment and wonderful unspoilt beaches. Have you been there? Please contact me if my property is of interest and I will send photos, Maybe you can visit as you're on a European tour. I would like to meet you. All the best.

Hi Dave I would like to meet you in ____ for your next lives but it's not clear what I can do for this. Thank you for kindly replica, [NAME REDACTED]

Good morning🕊 I come from ____, my name is ____. I need to contact Dave🙏 it's important🙏🙏🙏😢

Down, on the ground, there's no one around (NSFW and trigger warnings)

These are messages that don't really fit in any other category and are quite frankly, not safe for work and are probably best read in a private setting because of their (possibly triggering) content. Please read at your own discretion.

Honestly, I just wanted to ask him a question...I remember being a teenager in the 80s and was a fan of DM. I remember hearing or reading about Dave attempting suicide, which now I'm sure he is forever grateful. I just want to know what got him out of it. I'm having the hardest time coming up with a reason NOT to end my life. I could use some advice from someone who has actually been there. Thanks for your time. I understand if you just delete this, most do!

I tried to send a response to this person but my email bounced...I first, just wanted to state the disclaimer that I have no way of getting in touch with Dave directly so my response is from one fan to human to another: NO reason is ever a good reason to end one's life, period. Please, get the help that you need from someone who understands your situation. If you feel like you have no one, there are numbers that you can call depending on the locale that you are in who will guarantee your anonymity and give you exactly the kind of help that you need. I promise you, these are people who care and have the knowledge and experience to help you.

I've been DM since I was 13, when Some Great Reward came out. I have been to every tour since then, I got made redundant two months ago and I will probably be committing suicide in the next two weeks, I will probably go in "Walking in My Shoes." If you can help me out, after spending thousands on you with a job, it would be amazing 🤩

This story saddens me. A person's worth should not be tied to their job or finances. As I (tried to) respond to the previous person, please seek the help that you need. This is not the answer.

As a final note, again, you are free to send me messages via this contact form as I love hearing your personal stories about Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan, but just remember that I am not Dave nor am I affiliated with him or anyone in Depeche Mode! If I continue to receive messages under the false notion that I am somehow in contact with Dave, then don't worry- I won't get mad or upset. I will simply feature it in a future volume of "Fan Mail" for everyone's amusement! And finally, I would urge you to please not send me highly-personal information like addresses or phone numbers! Just be safe out there, from a fellow fan to another.